Align Safe Awakenings

The two day workshop for people that want a road map and tools for life after religion.

We know first hand how difficult it can be to lose something as personally defining as your belief system.

Having experienced this tailspin ourselves, we feel inspired to use our experiences to help others navigate through this process, and get back on their feet.

For us it is important that everyone have a safe, neutral space where they can untangle their minds, and we know how to create that!

On March 28th- 29th, 2020, we are excited to be hosting our first group workshop at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Sandy Utah!

We don’t claim to have all of the answers just the method for finding them, and we want to help you figure out your own foundation for life and show you how to achieve it- how our people have achieved it.

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Who are we?

Jocelynn Harward

Business Owner | Trainer | Mother of 2

Jocelynn is the Chief Operations Officer at HarwardMedia, a multi-million dollar e-commerce company she started on her coffee table. She is an advocate for women in business, corporate trainer, and wedding officiant.

Andrea Christiansen

Emotions Coach | Entrepreneur | Mother of 3

Andrea is a Certified Emotions Coach with a background in Human Development and Family Studies. She is also an Entrepreneur and proud mother of three, thriving in a mixed faith home.

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Align Safe Awakenings